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jenna: your son is at west point. jon: something about the navy. jenna: go navy. that's what i'm saying, family feud coming up this season. jon: go army, thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: i think what they meant was go sear accuse -- syracuse. i'm megyn. welcome to "america live." we are aeu waiting the latest update from the national hurricane center on earl. right now the storm is tearing up the eastern seaboard unleashing powerful winds and heavy rains. it may be sunny where you are but not everywhere. take a look at the storm's projected path now. this thing is far from over. we could have a real game-changer if earl stalls or takes a turn for the mainland, two things they are watching for. right now the mid-atlantic states are taking the brunt of earl. took at these waves, a live look
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at the scene in maryland. we've got complete fox team courage up and down the east coast for you. first the latest from our own meteorologist janice dean in the extreme weather center. she is exhausted, but janice, earl -- i don't even know what to believe with earl any more. >> reporter: so far earl has been well behaved. as you mentioned we can't let our guard down yet. even the national hurricane center is saying, these things are fickle it could move a little bit more to the left of that cone of uncertainty that's why we call it the cone of uncertainty. folks in cape cod and the islands it's not over yet. we want to make sure you're watching all of the latest forecasts. we have a new advisory that comes out at 2:00pm. sometimes they come out early, megyn i'll alert you when it does come out. some of the hurricane-forced winds certainly for coastal parts of north carolina, cape hatteras, and the outer banks really got whipped last night.
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and we of course will see some of that damage with some of the pictures coming in. beach erosion certainly is going to be an issue, storm surge, heavy rain, and the possibility for hurricane-force winds. there is the storm right now, still a category 1 hurricane, 85-mile per hour sustained winds. the good news is it's moving a bit quicker. even if it does bring hurricane-force winds to cape cod and the islands it will be a quick mover and hopefully it will be out of there shortly. it's going to be an overnight event for them. you can see some of the outer bands on the radar across the delmarva, philadelphia, new york, especially long island, heavy downpours as well as tropical-force winds in your future and the possibility of beachy ration. hurricane advisories still up for cape cod, nantucket, all these beautiful areas. we are concerned with the neighborhoods here and we'll continue to monitor the very
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latest from the national hurricane center, advisory coming out in less than an hour and i'll make sure you have it right in your hot little hands. megyn: we'll be waiting. we have learned that rhode island's only airport, green airport in providence is closing at 4:00pm eastern and will be shut down through the night as the storm passes over. let's go live to where earl's impact can really be felt at this moment. steve centanni is live in ocean city, maryland, what is going on there. >> reporter: megyn the big story here is the big waves which you can see behind me. this is larger surf than most people around here ever remember seeing in their lifetimes and caused by hurricane earl which is about 150 to 200 miles off-shore causing bands of heavy rain, winds up to tropical storm force and these giant waves. now the beach guard along here warning people to stay out of that water, and they are patrolling very carefully to make sure nobody goes near it because it could be treacherous, deadly and this beach is closed. there used to be a strip sandbar
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along here, a hundred, 150 feet wide that people could walk up and down and stroll along and watch the big surf, no longer, the waves have come up right over there and washed up to the sea wall that's just behind where i'm standing now. it's washing totally across the stand -- sand, that is something that has just developed in the past hour or so. yet the beach patrol is going up and down in our moat rised vehicles, different types of vehicles to make sure nobody is going anywhere near this dangerous surf. that is the situation here. otherwise a lot of people here for the labor day weekend. they are taking it in stride. they are inside their hotel rooms, walking, grabbing lunch, watching the big waves, no damage, evacuations, a lot of heavy weather and surf megyn. megyn: thank you. hundreds of miles further north folks making preparation on new york's long island and cape cod, massachusetts, two prime areas that may very well feel the full brunt of earl.
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in vulnerable parts of the beach communities it does not take much to wreak havoc. some people stocking up in chat ham, massachusetts planning to h u.n. ker on down and ride it out. >> i think we'll h u.n. ker down. >> we are trying to stock up on food, we have a generator at the house if the power goes out we should be okay for a little while. megyn: a live report from cape cod coming up moments from right now. we know a lot of you are taking videos or pictures of the storm. you can log onto our website and upload your photos or video, click on you report at february february -- we may very well put your pictures on the air today. stay safe as you get them. well the other storm, the white house and wall street have been bracing for all week the august jobs report. it turns out the company is at its 67th new jobs late month in the private sector. but the nice's unemployment rate still jumped to 9.6%.
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the president, however, says things are actually moving in the right direction. >> the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need to given the big hole that we experienced, and we're going to have to continue to work with republicans and democrats to come up with ideas that can further accelerate that job growth. i'm confident that we can do that. the evidence that we've seen during the course of this summer and over the course of the last 18 months indicate that we are moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up. megyn: stu varney is the anchor of varney & company on the fox news network and my guest now. we are moving in the right direction, the economy is moving in a positive direction and we need to continue that direction. >> reporter: that's what the president says but the president doesn't have much credibility on the issue of the economy. the forecast that we've seen before from the administration, before this summer of recovery
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began have turned out to be completely false. back in april vice president biden was telling us that we would soon get 250, maybe 500,000 new jobs each and every month. that was supposed to be happening now. clearly it hasn't happened. so the administration has got a credibility problem going forward, and today's numbers on the job's report they were not good. net, net we lost $54,000, and the unemployment rate went up. this is a very difficult economic situation, the president was putting a brave spin on it but that's what it was, spin. megyn: he says in the month i took office we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this morning the new figures showed that the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in august. the 8th consecutive month of private job growth. that's why he says we are going in the right direction. it used to be 750,000 jobs a month we were losing now this month it's only 67,000 we've added but we've added.
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he's fixed it in part. >> reporter: the growth rate of the economy is coming down. that's going in the wrong direction. 5% growth late last year, 3% growth earlier this year, 1% growth now. for the last three months, net, net, forget whether it's private or public, net, net, we have lost jobs, not gained them. that surely is the wrong direction. megyn: i don't understand, how can we be losing 750,000 jobs a month when he took office and now we are gaining a few jobs a month, or at least we are not losing anywhere near 750,000 and how can you look at those numbers and say the white house hasn't done anything to help? >> reporter: look, the administration is under enormous political pressure. there is an election in less than two months. the republicans are likely to surge, and the president has to come up with something. he's promising -- megyn: why isn't that something. if you look at just rounding the numbers. >> reporter: because it's not good enough. it its absolutely not good
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enough. megyn: is that not 700,000 jobs a month that easy sepbgs alley saved. >> reporter: yes, 18 months later we should be growing the economy at 6, 7 or 8%. we should be creating a quarter million new jobs a month. and if you want to make a dent in this massive number of unemployed people you've got to create a minimum of 150,000 new jobs a month. we are nowhere near it. megyn: how do we get out of it? he says today he's -- next week he's going to address a broad package of reforms. could they possibly include something that will generate the kind of jobs we need that you're talking about? >> reporter: you're asking for my opinion and my opinion is that we started on the wrong foot in the first place, the wrong policies. i don't think government is the agent which creates jobs i think private enterprise is. we should have been encouraging private enterprise 18 months ago. we did not. we -- we should do that now. megyn: it's always interesting hearing your perspective. >> reporter: it's an opinion. megyn: if you don't know anything about economics and you
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hear numbers you say okay maybe that is good. we are going to talk to alan colmes too. always a pleasure. he was watching. the national unemployment rate picks up. president obama plans to address a, quote, broader package of ideas to get the economy on the right track. could that include a second stimulus? "the washington post" suggests yes, alan colmes weighs in in moments. a new ad just out today pushing for hillary clinton for president in 2012. so who exactly is behind it? and is it a sign of things to come? and super model kate moss is not used to be photographed like this. look at this insane interlude with the paparazzi. california is now taking action, but has it gone too far? activia's great new taste?
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megyn: new information now on the sigh inchist -- scientist who prompted a scare at the miami international airport. he will be released without charges. fox news confirming the 70-year-old professor, an american citizen was apparently carrying a legitimate experiment. police detaining him last night after screeners found a metal canister in his luggage that looked like a pipe bomb. four of the airport's six concourses along with a hotel were evacuated. the bomb squad spending hours scouring the airport. >> all i know is again we were having dinner up on the 6th floor and they indicated to act very calmly but we needed to evacuate because there was some police activity and they called the manager and said we needed to evacuate the entire hotel. megyn: wow. well the airport reopening just after 4:00 this morning. well america is heading into
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labor day weekend with grim news about jobs in america. as we reported at the top of the show unemployment in this country has now hit 9.6%. president obama announce this morning that he will be addressing a quote, broader package of ideas next week, but some are already asking that -- about at this point don't we need more than just a bigger suggests box? alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show and my guest now. i thought s t-rb u varney keyed it up well, the president says we added 67,000 private sector jobs, when we took office we were hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month he at least stems that tide. and stu says we should be way behind that now. the brain room gave me statistics saying if the economy added one million jobs a month it would take more than six years to gain back all the jobs we lost since the recession started back in seven. >> i don't see it as grim.
1:16 pm
we've lost government jobs, 67,000. we expected 44,000, we got 30,000 last month. we've headed where we thought to be. eight months in a row private sector growth. the number 9.6 is not the number to look at. the other numbers i just mentioned are the numbers to look at. we are headed in the right direction. we are not at the 8% we were told we would be. they shouldn't over promise and undeliver it should be the other way around. the numbers are headed in the right direction. people may not feel it, look the market is up today based on these numbers. i don't agree that it's grim news. megyn: this is again from our brain room. i don't purport to be some economist this is what they say the numbers are. we've had three consecutive months of drop in payroll employment, meaning 283,000 jobs were lost just during the summer of recovery. >> reporter: yes you have to look at the trend, that's because of the census workers going away, the government jobs and the increase in private jobs that continues to go up. that's where you want the trend to be. megyn: the government was touting those, they were including those in the unemployment figures trying to
1:17 pm
get us to believe how many jobs they had added. they wanted credit for them when they added it. now they are going away. >> reporter: you have to look at where you you want the numbers to be. megyn: you don't want them to be at 9.6%. >> reporter: you have to look at where the numbers are coming back. they are coming back where you want them to come back the private sector. megyn: now there is a suggestion, the administration is considering a second stimulus. the administration officials have come out and said that is not true. >> reporter: you have a phreut cat issue there, that is the problem. you have the blue dog people, the conservatives, it's a hard sell. i'm on the paul krugman side of things. megyn: he wanted it to be double. >> reporter: we need to pump money into the economy. i'd like to see a much bigger stimulus. the stock market has come back. housing prices are up over a year ago. megyn: it was the worst august in year for the stock market. >> reporter: it's starting to come back now,. megyn: the past three days. >> reporter: yes the job numbers today the number is up.
1:18 pm
i think a bigger stimulus because we've seen some of the indicators come back and we are seeing private jobs come back in the right direction. megyn: this is an interesting thing. krugman is like a left wing economist. >> reporter: oh, my god, left wing. megyn: his principles epl body the debate. he and other liberal leaning economists wanted the stimulus to be double. and those on the right said we don't need any stimulus. >> reporter: those on the right are the ones that got us into this mess in the first place. megyn: the president chose a middle ground saying i'm going to do a stimulus plan it's going to be 8 phupb billion plus. you can argue whether that is middle ground or what. >> reporter: yeah. megyn: now those on the left, even christina romer came out and admitted that the stimulus hasn't exactly done what we wanted it to do. >> reporter: no. megyn: we were right, see we need another trillion dollar stimulus. but it's too late for the president politically. >> reporter: it's going to be even tougher if the republicans
1:19 pm
pick up seats which they are likely to do. that's why he tried to do as much as he could do in the first 18 months of his presidency. it is a political issue. unfortunately policy is often a slave to what you need to do politically it would have been a lot better to have a bigger stimulus. megyn: how do we get out of this jam if he can't do what he thinks he needs to do. >> reporter: speak and educate the american people about how bad things would have been, it's a hard sell without the stimulus. megyn: he's been doing that for months. >> reporter: not really, to some extent. many economists believe we would be in a lot worst shape had there not been a stimulus. megyn: i understand your message. you see the poll numbers, he's been spinning that and people are not believing it. >> reporter: that's a political issue. megyn: until the numbers turn around it's like an albatross on his neck. >> reporter: you have to educate people how the stimulus worked and how more of the same would work better. megyn: i don't know how the stimulus has worked. >> reporter: i just told you how it worked. megyn: this is "washington post" reporting on christina romer,
1:20 pm
the top economic adviser, she is leaving now on her statement to the national press core, chair of the white house council of economic advisers. she had no idea how bad the economic collapse would be. she still doesn't understand exactly why it was so bad. the response of the collapse was inadequate and she doesn't have much of an idea about how to fix things. >> reporter: she is not there any more, is she. megyn: that is not encouraging -rpblgts she is not there any more. megyn: you make it sound like she is ancient history. >> reporter: you beat her up because she said 8% now you want to say all of a sudden she knows what she is talking about. megyn: she apparently doesn't. >> reporter: this is a political issue. the indicators are headed in the right direction. private jobs are coming back, housing prices up, stock market up. megyn: housing prices up? >> reporter: yes from over a year ago. megyn: the response to that is because there was a mortgage advantage program that now is no longer in effect, that end he -- ended. >> reporter: it was part of the stimulus program. megyn: you saw the july he can ising sales of home down 27% a
1:21 pm
record. >> reporter: hopefully we are headed in the right direction. you have to look at the trend and the economic indicators. megyn: you're ignoring my trends that i'm citing, like the sales of existing homes down 27% in july. the sales of new homes down 12%. >> reporter: prices are up over a year ago. megyn: they say that is temporary because of the mortgage advantage they gave first time home buyers, which is over. >> reporter: the same they that say that are the same they that say stuff that doesn't turn out to be true. the trend is in the right direction. we'll diagram that sentence in just a moment. megyn: have a great weekend. the body count in mexico's drug war near the u.s. border is exploding. no one seems safe from the crosshairs. is the violence now coming to america? and you've got to love her, i mean, you've got to love the stories about her, i know some people don't but this one is just too price lee. could paris hilton's twitter account lead to her undoing in
1:22 pm
court? what paris tweeted that could crumble her defense against the cocaine charges that were brought against her last weekend. [singing] good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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megyn: drug related violence, and it is bad surging in monterey mexico, south of the u.s. border. soldiers killing at least 25 suspects in a gun battle not far from the mexican business capitol. this comes less than two weeks after another massacre near america soil. so what is going on? trace gallagher live in our west
1:26 pm
coast newsroom with more on this reporting and more on the context and perspective on exactly what we've been seeing in mexico recently, trace. >> reporter: you talk to the federal drug algts, megyn and they will tell you the -- agents, megyn and they will tell you the proximate euplt ma taoef the drug battles is a concerning thing for them. this happened south of the u.s. border. what happens is mexican military forces sent reconnaissance in, a flight over this ranch and they spotted about two dozen gunmen in the front of the property. these were thought to be members of the very deadly zeta cartel. they sent mexican forces in, a gun battle ensued and the mexican forces got the jump on the drug gangs, all 25 members were killed. authorities then found in the ranch three people who had believed to have been kidnapped. they also found dozens of weapons, grenades, thousands of rounds of ammunition, dozens of vehicles. now because the zeta cartel was involved in this it's key,
1:27 pm
because they were also thought to be responsible for the massacre of up to 72 migrants from central and south america, and the reason foes migrants were slaughtered is because they would not work for the zeta cartel. until a few years ago the zeta cartel was nothing more than an assassin group, they were drug thugs. they broke off from the all important gulf cartel. they have become very powerful. they are responsible for much of the violence in mexico. they are thought to have killed two prominent politicians in recent weeks down there. 28,000 people, megyn, in the past four years killed in drug violence. it keeps inching closer to the u.s. border. felipe calderon the mexican president under severe criticism but with this shooting of 25zeta cartel members and with the arrest of edgar the barbie
1:28 pm
valdez some of that pressure taken off. but the killing continues, record bloodshed down there, megyn. megyn: 28,000 people over the last four years. >> reporter: yeah, 28 how people, megyn. juarez, mexico, these border cities, juarez mexico is on pace to have the deadliest year in any mexican city in the history of that country, people dying every day, it's 30 yards, 30 yards from the united states. megyn: oh, my goodness. all right, trace thank you. well a major democratic deeffects over healthcare, see why this oregon senator is turning his back now on the healthcare law he fought and voted for. and what this could mean for the white house. and speaking of the white house, get a load of this. [music playing] megyn: the first ad for hillary
1:29 pm
in 2012 hitting the air waves, should hillary clinton fans be getting their hopes up? our political panel hashess it out. ever have to go stand in the corner in punishment? how about standing on the corner. this kid's punishment, who handed it out and why. >> let him learn a lesson as to this is what happens when you don't want to do right. >> whatever it takes to make him behave, i'm willing to do it. uh. sorry, son, but you still have 'em. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection withies left behind. luckily charmin ultra strong is soft and more durable, so you're left with a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind, charmin ultra strong. got the gecko t-shirt... on is "4 million drivers switched!"
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megyn: hurricane earl swinging up the east coast toward cape cod right now. we are tracking the path and power of the storm. if the winds pick up even more the bridges in and out of the cape cod -- the cape i should say could be shut down and people will be stuck right where they are. peter doosey is live in chat ham, massachusetts with an update there. >> reporter: that's right. five shelters opened up here as part of the largest health tere effort cape cod has ever had. they are ready for 10,000 people and three of their locations are pet friendly. >> the shelters are actually spread out around cape cod. it's easy for people to get to them. people can find the locations by going to red they've stock piled supplies to make sure we have the supplies we need no matter how long this lasts. the volunteers have opened the shelters, they are getting everything ready for when people aeu arrive. cots, food, medical supplies.
1:34 pm
>> reporter: we are in chatham which is part of the massachusetts that just out into the atlantic motion. officials are not forcing any residents to evacuate. they are urging those tho live in low lying fund-prone areas to get out. if winds exceed 70 miles an hour nobody will be able to get out, because the army corps of engineers will shut down the bridges to and from cape cod. that means nobody on and nobody off. really the clock is ticking for people to decide whether they are going to stay or leave. most of the very whethered cape coders are going to weather it out. megyn: they have many times. thank you. our latest game on, the first unofficial 2012 hillary clinton for president ad hit the air waves today. this one was put together by a dentist from chicago. that's right president obama's own hometown. this ad is running in new orleans and is expected to hit
1:35 pm
tv screens in washington d.c., new york and los angeles. take a look. [music playing] megyn: is this a forecast of things to come? all right, bernard, i'll start with you, is your former bosses' first lady/wife going to get behind this chicago dentist and the others who are already calling for a a hillary clinton run in 2012? >> i doubt that very seriously. you know, megyn the right has been obsessed with hillary clinton running for 20 in 2012 since the day obama won the presidency in 2008. the wonder would love nothing more than an inner party squabble. why? because every time in the last 40 years that a sitting president has been challenged by a member of his own party that
1:36 pm
president has failed to be reelected or decided not to run all together as was the case with johnson. i think the reports of president obama's demise are greatly exaggerated. the situation today is quite similar to 94, and in fact the democrats did lose congress in 94. but president clinton was able to reposition himself, the republicans dramatically over reached, the voters said, my gosh, we don't want any more of this and president clinton was handily reelected in 1996. i think that is likely to happen even if the democrats lose control of the congress. megyn: chip, bernard's point maybe a good one but it's a democrat that is behind this ad. a democrat has buyer's remorse over president obama and it's many other democrats. bernard puts the date at when mr. obama won the presidency. i remember covering that primary race between barack obama and hillary clinton and when he beat her for that nomination that's when the discontent really started within the democratic party. >> reporter: it was completely heated up.
1:37 pm
there is discontent now because there is 60 days away from maybe one of the biggest democrat disasters at election day that they've ever seen and barack obama whether you like it or not is the head of the democrat party and they are starting to play the blame game as to why it's going to be so bad for them in november. part of it is the discontent with the president, some of it with the leadership. that's why you'll see this talk about hillary clinton in 2012. megyn: she did an interview last october she said no three times to the question, will you ever run for president again, ever, never mind challenging a sitting democratic president in 2012. >> reporter: the person sitting in the white house right now said no unequivocally that he wasn't going to run for the white house several times before he actually ran for the white house. megyn: bernard, he seems to be positing that politicians don't always tell the truth about these things. >> reporter: look, certainly obama's troubles invite speculation. the fact is the democratic party was nearly evenly divided between hillary clinton and
1:38 pm
barack obama during the primary fight. there is no surprise that the speculation continues. here is another difference. in 1994 the republicans had a unified vision, very charismatic leaders and a clear path that they wanted to take the country in. the republicans today are in so much worse saeup than the republicans in 94, they are rut tere less, vision less and leaderless and they will field a very weak and unknown candidate in 2012. megyn: chip, what is so wow about the statement he just made? who is the republican frontrunners, who are the republicans pointing toes a the guy or gallon who can take down president obama politically. >> reporter: why are we ten points ahead in the generic ballot. if we are so bad the democrats must be ten times worse because they have nothing. megyn: but you need a person. you're talking about midterms, we are talking about a presidential race. you need a person who can galvanize not only the republican base but get the independent dents who have said they are unhappy with president obama. it hillary clinton that person
1:39 pm
that would be the better option? >> reporter: i think for the democrats it might be. from the republican side there are a lot of people that certainly will step up. i think it's a little bit too early to speculate about who is going to be our frontrunner who is going to be our nominee. megyn: here is why i ask you that. sorry to interrupt you. i'll give you a chance to answer this without interruption, chip. since there isn't one strong republican who continues to poll at the top does that not create an opportunity for hillary if she senses discontent, if she senses the country moving as this dentist says having buyer's remorse about barack obama does she have a chance to ow the guy they are unhappy with and run against what she may presume is a weak republican opponent? go ahead chip. >> reporter: first of all you can interrupt me any time, it's your show. megyn: you're my guest. >> reporter: second, yes there is a small window that she could take an opportunity for, but it's very rare that happens. look the last time a really major league nominee ran against a sitting president was ted kennedy and against jimmy carter
1:40 pm
who was perceived as a very weak president, ted kennedy i guess you could say had every available resource to him and still came up short. the nominee for the party, the sitting president of the united states has every resource at his fingertips not only the party but the committees. it's really hard to topple in the phraoeupl air -- primary a sitting president. you can weaken the president but it's hard to beat them. even though the obama administration has had a bad couple of months this is still the sitting president of the united states it's hard to primary somebody like that. megyn: bernard you don't think it's going to be hillary challenging barack. >> reporter: i think it's very unlikely. megyn: this was floated out into the atmosphere a couple of weeks ago possibly replacing joe biden on the ticket with hillary clinton and joe says i've done my time i want to go be with my family. hillary comes on makes her heir apparent if barack obama wins re-election, is that at all likely in your view. >> reporter: i think highly unlikely, maybe incrementally
1:41 pm
microscopically more likely than the first scenario but i just don't think it's going to happen. megyn: gosh it would be such a great news story if it did. pwer tph-rd and chip thank you so much. we appreciate your insights on it. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: good to be with you. megyn: a top democrat maybe a high profile healthcare reversal. this is a key democrat in the senate who fought hard for healthcare reform. now he's trying to get his state out of it, and the big question is whether other democrats follow his lead? this is an unbelievable story, it's up next. a disabled veteran's new battle with a major supermarket chain. she says they are breaking the law. the store says she'll be arrested the next time this veteran shows up to do her grocery shopping there. "kelly's court" takes up the case, but you can read up on it if you want to now at"america live." that is in 60 minutes right here. interesting grooming.
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megyn: a democratic about face on healthcare. oregon senator john wyden a democrat is trying to exempt his state from the heart of the new healthcare law. this is the democrat's expert on healthcare, a man who voted for the law in the first place. why on earth is he doing this and what does it mean for a law that many republicans on capitol hill already want to see repealed. john fund is a columnist for the a "wall street journal" and my guest now. now he is basically going back to his state and saying what? >> reporter: well, in the law that senator wyden voted for obamacare he was able to insert a last minute amendment saying that states could ask for a waiver from the federal government to pull out of large parts of obamacare. i think he realized that the bill was flawed and that his state might want to 0 exit from parts of it. now he's actually written to the director of health in oregon saying, i think you should bring
1:46 pm
this potential legislature. let's try to pull out of it and try to accelerate the date at which we can pull out of it. megyn: now the problem for this senator is that he needs the approval of the help and human services secretary to be able to do this, so kathleen sebelius is there any chance that she may allow him this out? >> reporter: not even on bended knee. >> because if that would be possible why wouldn't all of the states that don't like the individual mandate which is what he is challenging, why won't they go to her and say we want out too. >> reporter: i think ron wyden is leading a charge on this. i think he recognizes over time obamacare will be unworkable because the law was so badly written. megyn: then why did he vote for it. >> reporter: i think there what's norm must political pressure put on every democrat. not a single democrat, including some i know privately had misgivings about it voted against it. it was going to pass any way of
1:47 pm
course. now i think he's running for re-election and he recognizes that even in oregon this is not popular, and by the way, remember another thing about oregon, they had a democratic governor who wrote the obama administration saying please don't savage medicare advantage, that is the private sector alternative to medicare this a lot of seniors were belonging to, about 20%. obamacare safe srapblgd medicare. oregon has done many things using medicare advantage. they have three or four real beefs about obamacare they have been a pioneer in oregon healthcare. megyn: this is the most open and notorious -- notorious rejection by a democrat of the healthcare law. what we've been leading up to this is internal memos leaked telling their candidates, don't mention it. do not talk about the healthcare law in the campaign, people don't want to hear about it. >> reporter: don't mention that it will cut costs and not add to the deficit because no one believes that. megyn: because they don't believe it.
1:48 pm
we were told repeatedly that we were going to love it, the american public were told. >> reporter: you've got it almost right. we are coming to loathe it. megyn: politically, john how does this play out i don't know how long you can see these approval numbers when it comes to the healthcare law, where they are and the rasmussen report says 56% of the country wants to see it repealed when the law hasn't taken effect in large part yet. it could be repealed because the tentacles are not all out there yet. >> reporter: senator wyden has a good point. we do need healthcare reform. there was a lot about the system that needed fixing. there will be a lot more republicans in congress next year, there are going to be very chasen democrats that figure out this was not a winner, maybe we can rewrite and repair some of it. if the republicans take control of congress they can vote to defund parts of obama care, send the most unpopular parts of it to obama's desk and say we dare you to veto the individual
1:49 pm
mandate. i think senator wyden is way ahead of the curve on where this is going politically. megyn: you think if the republicans win control of the congress like most people are predicting, there could be a legitimate push if not to repeal the healthcare law then to make serious dents in it. >> reporter: obama is going to veto any attempt to veto his signature issue. if you send him and say this part is not working, this part is not working in massachusetts it's not going to work nationally. he may be hard pressed to veto all of that. congress has the power to say we are not going to fund the implementation of that. they may not have a budget for parts of obamacare. megyn: that is kathleen satisfactory beale why is, the health and human services secretary. senator wyden we are watching and i'm sure a lot of others are as well. a major sanctuary city now wants to opt out of a federal immigration enforcement program.
1:50 pm
what a shock? it's a program that is meant to keep you and your family safe and the city could get its wish thanks to ice. we've got a full report. plus, paris hilton swears, it wasn't my purse. the drugs, they were in somebody else's purse, i don't know how that purse got attached to my body. a picture may be worth a thousand words and possibly a stint in the pokey. we'll show you a pic that could blow away her defense against drug charges, next. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
1:51 pm
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megyn: and now to the curse of the purse. paris hilton claims the purse she was caring in -- carrying in which the police found cocaine was not hers. enter exhibit a. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. exhibit a is what. >> reporter: i want to see who is going to defend her in "kelly's court." exhibit a is the purse. remember she got pulled over with her boyfriend, they smelled marijuana. the boyfriend was being investigated for dui. they walked paris inside the wynn hotel. remember that purse right there. she opened it up to get lip baltimore out-and-out fell the cocaine. she said it wasn't mine, it was my friend's. see a month ago, she twittered and i'm quoting here, love my new chanel purse i got there. she put a picture for the world to see. that purse looks very much the
1:55 pm
same, facing felony possession charges of cocaine now. i mean, the question i have is, which friend was she going to throw under the bus, right? she said it wasn't my purse it was my friend's purse that had the cocaine in it. which friend exactly was she willing to toss under the bus. how could you not know, oh, god i sent that tweet out last month it had the purse in it. megyn: i know the answer to that. >> reporter: what. megyn: because it's really deadly to be both a criminal and stupid. >> reporter: yeah, you shouldn't confuse twit with tweet. twit means something totally different than tweet. megyn: now the defense is going to change to, okay, it was my bag, but somebody planted those drugs, those weren't my drugs. i don't know how those drugs got in there ossifer. >> reporter: exactly i don't know how they got in there officer. a gram of cocaine. any way. megyn: listen, the reason she is believed to be using that defense is because she reportedly used exactly that
1:56 pm
defense earlier this month in south after cal, or south america where she was and it worked. >> reporter: the marijuana, yeah it wasn't mine. go ahead fine. it's so easy, she said that is not mine they let her go. megyn: you know the reference, that is not mine vanessa. >> reporter: no. megyn: it's austin powers. it's a little r-rated. i'll leave it at that. trace gallagher thank you. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: brand-new results from -- easy for me to say from fox news opinions die nam particulars polls including whether voters think president obama deserves re-election or whether we'd be better off with someone else. they literally just broke. you'll hear them here first. a disabled veteran's service dog did the crime. now that veteran is paying for the crime. banned for life from the local supermarket.
1:57 pm
is the store biased or looking out for its other customers. that is today in "kelly's court." ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening pla. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. megyn: a ups cargo plane crashing in dubai. the crash apparently happening at an air base. the boeing 747-400 crashed on takeoff two hours ago with two crew members onboard. ups is not releasing information about the condition of those crew members. i'm megyn kelly on a friday as we enter phase two of earl. you are looking live at the satellite image. earl still a powerful category 1 shirk chewing up the shores of the mid-atlantic. now the storm is headed towards
2:01 pm
long island, cape cod and everything else in its path. >> reporter: we are in newport. this is a community that has a reputation as being an exclusive summer playground for the rich. there are million dollar homes here. in the next few hours this exclusive town is going to get an unwelcome and uninvited visitor in the form of hurricane earl. we have had moderate rain falling and we expect the pace of this rain to pick up. but also just a short time ago we heard from the governor of the state of rhode island, and he did say he believe based on forecasts the state is going to dodge the built. winds are expected to gust up to 40 miles an hour and they say there is going to be possibly in excess of 3 inches of rain. but they do not believe there will be any serious damage. that said, one of the great
2:02 pm
concerns of the governor is i95. this is the rain route connecting providence, rhode island with boston and new england. there is concern this roadway could flood. the worst of the storm is expected to hit the state of rhode island sometime early this evening. they expect the storm to last about 6-8 hours. it's expected to be a fast-moving storm. they expect by this time tomorrow the sun is going to be shining, beaches tomorrow will be open. but they do caution there could be some very heavy riptides and surf and if people do go to the beach tomorrow they should exercise caution. the big question is getting through the next 12 hours or so. megyn: it is moving out, but earl packed quite a punch as it moved along the carolina shoreline. listen to this. >> reporter: the more we step out in it you can see, the more
2:03 pm
intense the winds and the rain becomes. megyn: jeff almost taking plate early this morning in nags head, north carolina. the latest on hurricane earl 24/7 at check it out. is the program credited with getting illegal immigrants with criminal records off the streets and out of the country? those are the one immigration enforcement says it wants to focus on. but now i.c.e. may be letting one city off the hook. san francisco is trying to get out of the requirement to turn over the fingerprints records of their detained immigrants. now thanks to i.c.e., the city by the bay may get its wish. trace gallagher * live with more on this one. >> reporter: this would be a major about-face for i.c.e.
2:04 pm
if you don't cross reference the fingerprints of immigrants, you don't know if they are illegal and at the same time you don't know if they committed crimes. so instead of just harboring illegals, you could be harboring illegals. san francisco considers itself a sanctuary city, a refuge for immigrants. they have been trying to opt out of this program for a couple years. but i.c.e. has again and again said no. you cannot opt out. this is mandatory. it is now in play in 20 states and everybody state will be online with this database in the next couple years. but i.c.e. today will meet with the sheriff in san francisco and i'm quoting here -- this is from i.c.e. -- secure communities is a partnership and we'll hear the sheriff's concerns and seek a feasible resolution but we are not going to speculate about what that could be. if the question everybody is
2:05 pm
asking is is i.c.e. going to cave some san francisco? even federal judge susan bolton when she ruled against key parts of that arizona law. even she said stink wary cities are forebidden. this could mean a couple of things. this could mean i.c.e. wants to focus not on illegal immigrants day to day, they want to focus on getting the criminals outs. but if you are not checking to see if they committed crimes how can you focus on getting the criminals outs. the feds are now suing a state that wants to implement federal law and they are negotiating with a city that wants to go against federal law. the critics say this is a very, very big problem when you are talking about illegal immigration. megyn: that i.c.e. spokesperson who said we are going to meet with the sheriff and we won't speculate on the outcome. did they say we are going to hold them to the law and don't
2:06 pm
expect an exception for them? >> reporter: no, that would have been black and white. it was sumentd up, that was pretty much it. we are going to go listen to their concerns, it's a partnership, we are going to try to work this out. but they all along said prior to today's meeting, this is non-negotiable. this is the law. what's to talk about. this is a non-starter. we are not going to negotiate something that's non-negotiable. now saying well, let's talk about it. critics are saying let's talk about what? there is nothing to talk about. this is the law. megyn: depending outcome of that meeting we'll talk about it. we'll update you as we promise next week or as soon as we get word of how that meeting came outs. trace gallagher is on it, trace, thanks so much. a wyoming man is digging deep into his own wallet to help defend arizona's immigration law
2:07 pm
in court. his name is timothy melon. he's ponying up $1.5 million much his own money. that's a lot of money. it's the biggest single contribution. folks living near the gulf coast are breathing a see you of relief. if the coast guard says there is no leak from the oil rig explosion off the gulf coast. just a fire. all 13 crew members escaping the flames by diving into the water. this happened 5 months after bps major disaster. how close was this to being a deep water horizon situation? >> reporter: any time tough an accident on a rigor platform off the coast there is a potential for disaster. there was reports of oil on the water and a sheen. so far they found nothing of the sort which is good news.
2:08 pm
we are finding out more of the dissimilarity out there. this is a platform that was basically had 7 wells on it. they weren't digging into the sea floor. and the explosion took place away from that process. so while it was dangerous, the good news is, there was no environmental damage at all. megyn: so the workers on this rig, what can you tell us about them? view very we know they are from texas, louisiana, mis. one of them has a chance to go to his daughter's birthday saturday. that's great news. they walked off the helicopters after being plucked out of the water. when you see that picture of them in the water. there were 13 men and 12 life vests. they all jumped into the water and held up the 13th for two hours and there were no stage in injuries which is a great outcome, that's for sure.
2:09 pm
megyn: does president obama deserve a second term? we asked america and america has just weighed in. syndicated talk show host neil boaters is my guest next on a shocking fox news poll. this disabled air force vet and her dog ivy are banned from the local supermarket frer ever. cleanup in aisle 3 and bring the mop. blind by flashbulbs. supermodel kate moss barely able to see her way to the baggage claim. why this became a legal breaking points for the paparazzi.
2:10 pm
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megyn: a powerful earthquake
2:13 pm
rocking new zealand's south island. it had a 7.0 magnitude and was centered near christchurch. there are no tsunami warnings as a result of the quake but we'll bring you updates as we get them. another fox news alert. nearly half of this country thinks america needs a new leader. brand-new fox news opinion dynamics poll just in. does president obama deter of reelection? just 39% said yes, 49% said we would be better off with someone else. 11% say it's too soon some decide. neal boortz is the man behind
2:14 pm
>> in what as yet undiscovered rain forest are those 38% living in? if it's beyond imagination that people are saying, oh, yes, let's do it again, when need more of this. by the way, the word leader, let's remember it was the obama campaign that said we'll be ready to rule from day one, not to lead, to rule. i kind of fudge over to the word ruler rather than leader. megyn: the numbers are confusing. the next poll shows his approval rating under the fox news polling has improved a little bit. it's at 46%. it was 43% three weeks ago. it's up a little. but you have 46% of the country approving of the jobe's doing but only 38% saying he deserves
2:15 pm
reelection. >> that 3% shift is within the margin of error. they are not polling the same people every time. maybe they wandered onto a college campus for some of these questions. but people are getting fed up. they really are. it's not paris hilton's purse and it's not boik's economy, right. and people are wait for the recovery. joe biden is running around the country. recovery summer. i think it will get a lot worse in the polls within the next couple of weeks because people are recognizing, we have to do something now. we have to make up our minds now. this isn't working, let's try something else. megyn: we talked about this earlier in our economy segment. according to the latest numbers we lost 283,000 jobs during the
2:16 pm
summer of recovery. the white house essentially says it would be much worse had it not been for our program and the leadership of president obama. an came out and said he's confident we are moving in the right direction and the comoa is moving in a quote positive direction. might the president be on to something? >> this is one of the economic recoveries on record. to claim they are creating jobs like with the stimulus program. i highlighted on the air this week a stimulus program in north carolina where they were making baseball cards for insects. you have your insect on the front and all your facts about the insect on the back. and they want to tell us -- i'm waiting for the insect rookie card for this year. they are telling us this is creating jobs.
2:17 pm
this -- just turn the private sector loose. megyn: the president says he's trying to help small businesses. he has a $30 billion bill that will help small business and the republicans are obstructing it. >> the democrats won't let the republicans offer any amendments to this bill. so where is the blockade. i love his line about capital gains taxes for small businesses. a clue. small businesses don't pay capital gains tax. this loan program he has. small businesses don't want to borrow money. they want to see what's going to happen with tax, with barack obama care, with cap and trade, a card check. the bank are sitting on top of a trillion dollars in excess reserves. they don't want to loan it because they are not confident in the viability of the businesses that want to borrow
2:18 pm
it. please, mr. baltimore, get out of the way. tell these businesses their taxes are not going to go up, the regulations are not going to go into effect. go back to the starting point and give this one another shot. but that's the only way you are going to get four more years. megyn: you may have ascertained that he is not a fan of president's policies. buff he is not alone. we asked how satisfied they are in the direction in which this country is headed. just 32% say they are satisfied. 70% of the country say they are not satisfied with the direct in which this country is moving. the question right now immediately politically is what does that mean for november. >> every once in a while it falls upon a generation to step forward and try to save this republic. sometimes they have to do it through giving up lives, in
2:19 pm
horrible wars. sometimes you can do it as easily as casting a vote. and i think that that's coming up in just a couple weeks. megyn: one of these polls just to pick up on our earlier segment about hillary clinton and whether she might run for president. apparently she shouldn't according to this poll. only 11% think this is the best job for her. all of these new fox follows and i thank neal boortz, by the way. the results and amall is of each poll. hurricane earl is on the run setting its sights on new england. is that where you are going for the labor day weekend? by all appearances george clooney looks like he's on top of the world. but a-list star reveals what he
2:20 pm
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2:23 pm
megyn: president obama speaking out on the brand-new august jobs report calling the private sector growth positive news, but saying it was not enough to pull the economy out of its slump. major garrett is live at the white house. major, i'm supposed to ask you about these numbers and what the president said, but we talked about them in three segments so
2:24 pm
i have got to get down to business with you. your last day on the air with fox news channel. aren't you going to miss us? >> reporter: of course i'll miss, megyn. by it's time to do another thing in my life and that's what i used to do, be a print report, dig deep, learn more and write better. megyn: you may not know that he's even that old. he has a long history reporting as a print journalist and now you are going back to it. >> reporter: that's right. i wrote two books. while i was at fox i wrote a third. maybe i'll get a chance to write another. i have loved my life in television and i loved work at fox. it's time for me to get back to what i always regarded as my first love in that business and that discipline has defined success for me. finding new facts and writing
2:25 pm
about them for an audience that's hungry for them. it will be in the proibt point world. that many the place right now i'll find the most comfort and satisfaction. megyn: you used to ask interns in the d.c. bureau, how many of my books have you read. then you said you googled your own book and one of them was on sale on amazon for one penny. >> reporter: all three of my books can be purchased for the princely sum of one penny. megyn: you were writing about the gop takeover of 1994. but i remember when major and i first moved in together. he was my office mate when i first started at the fox news channel. do you remember what was there? do you want to tell them or should i?
2:26 pm
report maxim magazine. megyn: bruce becker says major is not exactly a clean freak. and not only are gym clothes all over his half of his office. >> reporter: it's not good housekeeping. megyn: from the maxim magazine to writing home to my family and saying my office mate is so smart he used terms like repacious plutocrats. he would get in brit's face. and they were colleagues and and we are going to miss you
2:27 pm
desperately. >> reporter: it's important for everyone in our fox audience to know. it's been a privilege and honor to serve you. what i have tried to do every day on this job is serve this audience as best i can. and as aggressively as i can. that, my only as income this business. to serve this audience who wants to know what's happening in the world around them. i'm paid to do that. it's the greatest job anyone can have. i'll do it differently now but i'll always remember my days here. megyn: being the chief white house correspondent is a busy job. major has a beautiful wife who works for fox news as well, and beautiful children. he's great with them. he cooks with them. he takes them to charity events and teaches them giving begins at home. i have watched you do it. maybe now you will have more time to spend with them. >> they will see fewer of my suitcases and fewer empty chairs that the dinner table and that's
2:28 pm
a good thing for them taint's a very good thing for me. megyn: how can folks get in touch with you if they want to send you message. >> reporter: major garrett at and meg mg cubed at hot megyn: we'll miss you all our love and sincere thanks. former president george w. bush is taking to the links for a good cause helping the kids of wounded warriors. we'll show you what he did with brian kilmeade on our air this morning. she is a catwalk veteran, but this is ridiculous. how this paparazzi mob is changing the law on celebrity
2:29 pm
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and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. megyn: $5,000 and potentially a year? jail. new penalties for paparazzi. look at this video of super model kate moss being swarmed by paparazzi at the l.a. airport. california's lawmakers have voted in favor of new fallout
2:33 pm
for shutter bugs who jeopardize celebrity safety. joining me now to discuss it our power panel diane davis. and dr. kumer who is on our fox news medical a-team. diane, you are a member of the press. the down side of this law is sometimes journalists go a little fast going from point a to point b and they may have to pay $5,000 and potentially go to jail for a year. >> that's right. i'm talk with a friend of mine who said these guys are thugs and they need laws like this. but when you start mucking around with first amendment and freedom of the press, you don't know what's going to happen. so the california newspaper
2:34 pm
association points out you could be a journalist on the way to accident scenes sean could be find up this law. megyn: look at her with her daughter trying to get away from this madness. you feel empathy for her. but these can be a slippery slope. >> i'm concerned about an individual's safety. there is a point where you have hollywood elites who could be getting special treatment. i don't recall seeing a bunch of security guards around her. it's her responsibility or anyone in the spotlight. megyn: that might work for something like her. but what about octoberer t abou. she couldn't hire a bunch of security guards. maybe kate moss could. others need protection.
2:35 pm
>> this could be a slippery slope. but to have the right to protect yourself and the people around them like their children and family. and then they shouldn't be obligated all the time to have security around them all the time. there is a fine shine between being able to live your life and being a celebrity. megyn: she is arriving at the airport. they need to fly. they can't all get private jets. speak of somebody who can afford his own private jet and airport and anything else he wants to buy. george clooney who is speaking out about the greatest failure of his life. and what is it? is it the failure not to get certain roles in an oscar? not to solve the genocide going
2:36 pm
on in darfur. the greatest failure of his personal life. >> that's between him and his consultants. i applaud his efforts he is sincere about this, trying to make a difference. megyn: which i believe he is. >> but this tells us how incompetent and inefficient the u.n. is. what are they doing? so what are they doing? darfur in there is rawanda, oil for food. we are faced with these issues and nothing is changing. megyn: i do like him for his efforts. by it's the greatest failure of his life not to solve the genocide? >> it is perhaps a little over the top and perhaps an example of his fine acting. i think any celebrity who will take responsibility for their fame and for tune and saying i'm trying to do something with it, i give them credit, not everybody does that. >> they think they are larger
2:37 pm
than life. i give him credit for saying this is my greatest failure and it was well intentioned and it's an andest assessment that couldn't do anything about it. did he think he could in the first blaze? we are talking about a country and government -- the corruption is so deep -- megyn: what happens to these homed celebrities -- you have got to give them credit, rosie o'donnell wrote about this in her become how fame and celebrity drives them crazy. she started to believe the red light signals no longer applied to her. it goes to the point where i can solve the genocide in the world. i have got to move on to sarah palin. yet another hit piece by "vanity fair" against her. it goes on for 24 pages. i guy comes out and said i didn't want to do it. i was a palin fan, but more i talked to people, the more i
2:38 pm
learned she has a pattern of lying, her on the record * statement amount to a litany of untruths and half-truths. anywhere you peel back the skin of sarah palin's life a strangeness lies beneath. some are saying this is a sexist piece because some of the criticisms he has as her as a politician never would have been made of a male politician. >> he didn't go after levi and his opinion of sarah palin the source, "vanity fair." you know you are not going to get a pro sarah palin. i happen to like sarah palin a lot. you must be a dumb dumb. you must be side or fooled by the lies. >> i guess i fall into that group. but i think she is going to have
2:39 pm
too reinvent herself if she is going to appeal to the masses. but i don't care about her tipping. megyn: that's well accepted if she wants to appeal to the masses. when you read this piece does it smack of independence and neutral reporting? it seems like the guy has it her. >> i'm probably not a huge sarah palin fan. i think what i found most interesting about it was it really dissected what goes into making the image of a politician like sarah palin. her consultant and stylist. that is no different than any other politician. but we as americans tend to forget what goes into the making of that image. i found at eye opening. i don't think he had any love for her. >> they can't stand her. with everything that's going on in our country, the economy, unemployment, for them to keep
2:40 pm
pushing complaints about her and she is not even running for office. megyn: the amount of investigation he did into her life. not to mention the guy who has taken up residence next to her for the summer. what's his name. but why the obsession? she is not running for anything now. she does have a lot of power. you can argue it's weakening. but obsession is not. >> they are trying to discredit her in case she does run. sheer trying to block these efforts and they are trying to make people think she is a mean and crazy person. they went up to the maids in the hotel rooms and said how much did she tip you. they want to know -- they tell you how much she spends on underwear during the campaign on spanx. by the way, no amount is too much. >> they make pregnant ones, too.
2:41 pm
thank you so as much, panel. coming up a man who knows about spanx and that's gregg jarrett. >> reporter: when the conversation devolves into spanx, that's when i say you have got to have a guy on the panel. i'm the guy. fewer young voters * seeing themselves as democrats. more like republicans. what does this mean for the mid-term elections. also a couple of terrific lawyers are going to be joining us. is it a good idea for eric holder the southern general to sue american sheriff joe arpaio? wasn't there somebody who had the courage to say bad idea in you may have the law on your side, but don't sue america's sheriff. we'll talk about that coming up on studio b. megyn: we'll be watching. a disabled veteran's battle with a supermarket chain. she relies on man's best friend
2:42 pm
to get around. one supermarket chain says she has to leave her friend behind or wind up behind bars. what did the doggy do? go to live and read up on the case. >> i picked up the poop and thruf it out. within five minutes as i was going through the produce department a manager came downstairs and he started yelling about how many times my dog pooped in the store. i was quite surprised. it say bs for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket, a hot mess in the produce department. getting one of america's gravert band for life from the super
2:46 pm
market. she is getting help from ivy. the golden retriever fetching things off the floor. also helping kim keep her balance. but apparently ivy has the difficulty telling the different between fruit and a fire hydrant. >> while i was get something fruit and putting it in the bag, apparently ivy poop $and i didn't notice it. so someone said, your dog pooped. i said, oh, my goodness. kim says it was the dog's first public poop, but the manager says ivy is a repeat offender. kim says this is discrimination against somebody with a disability. is she right? let's ask our panel mark eiglarsh and jonna spilbor. she is claiming they are biased against somebody with a disability and they are slapping her with a trespass order saying
2:47 pm
if you come back in this grocery store we are going to slawp with a trespassing order. >> this grocery store is in deep doo-doo for what it did to this disabled vet and her little dog. i read the law it is so clear and clearly on the side of service animals that i'm only exaggerating a little bit when i say in order to exclude an animal in this situation they would have to eat a cashier alive before it could be excluded under this law. they are in big trouble. megyn: the law is written very favorably for the person with the disability when it comes to service dog. the big lie she claims is that the dog has gone several times in this store. >> i would believe that. jonna thinks the law is they
2:48 pm
have to poop on someone's hand witch before they can do anything. as long as there is some jeopardy to the safety and health of others in the store. megyn: a direct threat. >> that am what i'm talking about. let me say this. this dog apparently knows 190 command. let me show you one that it doesn't know. apparently one she didn't teach the dog just yet. megyn: there is no question that kim who served honorably in the armed forces. she has six herniated disks. so she can't bend down and she needs the dog for balance. watch was ivy can do for kim. >> it hurts to walk. and it hurts to pick up things,
2:49 pm
and it hurts like -- it would hurt me if i dropped my keys. i have got ivy here which i -- ivy, get my keys please in get them for me. that's it. thank you. she got my keys for me because i needed her to. megyn: she needs the dog in order to shop and do other things. because the dog had an accident, she said they had a haz mat crew come out and took aim at her for no good reason. so now what? can she sue to get back into the store and can she get money damages for the humiliation? >> i think the answer is yes and yes. she claims these doesn't want money damages. but the law says even if you have the right to exclude the dog, that they don't have the right to exclude her. they could -- but they are saying if she comes into the store she is going to be arrested and that's ridiculous
2:50 pm
meg is there a law having excrement in the produce aisle poses a direct threat to the people who are shopping? >> they do not have to per tonight that crap in there. that was pun intended. there is a difference between believability and accuracy. she believes this dog only pooped once. how many "kelly's court"'s have we done on dog feces. megyn: forget about the poop for a minute. when you are in the produce aisle, we sneeze, we cough and we fondle the poop. megyn: interesting debate. the big y made a big mistake. did this dog alter the nature of this business? that many the legal test. no. did it pose a direct that to the
2:51 pm
health and safety others? no. its mess was immediately cleaned up. the dog helps, the grocery store should, too. introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪ here at sargento, we believe your sandwiches, burgers and panini deserve the very best. that's why our family's deli style slices
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are never processed, and always made with natural ingredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese.
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2:54 pm
megyn: going on the job hunt. the farm workers union giving free training if they will take field jobs usually filled by illegal immigrants. why now for this program? >> reporter: they launched this take our job campaign in response to calls to crack down on illegal immigration in arizona and elsewhere. the union says it wants to show americans what my grant farm
2:55 pm
workers do and to offer hand on training in the field to citizens who are out of work. critics are calling this a political stunt designed to push an open border agenda. the ufw says it received 8,000 inquiryies, but only about a dozen people have signed up to become a bona fide farm worker. in a statement some fox news a union leader said those 10-15 new farm workers are not enough to help make america secure in the aability, reliability and quality of its food supply. critics argue those conditions and low wages are perpetuated by the influx of cheap mexican
2:56 pm
labor. they say securing the border would result in a labor shortage, driving up wages and spark competition for even the toughest farm worker job. megyn: police hunting for a man suspected of throwing acrid in a woman's face outside of a starbucks coffee shop. we'll have new details on that manhunt. a lot of you asked for major's email address. i'll gift to you again next. stay with me. captioning made possible by fox news network i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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2:59 pm
>> and hitting the links with former president george w. bush to raise the money for military veterans. >> our vets and their families and this is a way for citizens to contribute to a scholarship fund for children who have lost a parent in combat or whose parent was severely wounded. >> if you would like

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